Sleep (17)

The ability to have deep restorative sleep is a sign of youth and health. Sleep cycles repair damaged cells and build new healthy cells. This also includes the ability to relax even after stressful events which is much easier to do when we are younger.

Sex (9)

A sign of balanced hormones and an indicator that our cells are functioning optimally. Sexual energy is a sign of youth and health, and creates feelings of playfulness.

Social (4)

Human interaction, love, and connection

Spiritual (3)

A sense of peace within yourself, and a perspective of life around you.

Movement (16)

Our bodies are meant to move. A younger you moves better, and movement creates a younger you in every way.

Nourish (13)

How we nourish our cells affects our energy levels, mood, ability to fight infection, detox from toxins, and turns on and off genes related to sexual energy, aging, cancers, and beauty.

Featured Product of the Month: ASTAXANTHIN


Astaxanthin is 6000x more potent than vitamin C and benefits cardiovascular, joint, metabolic, liver and mental health and is anti-inflammatory.

Oxidation is natures way of aging you and astaxanthin is the strongest antioxidant in nature. Think of the way metal rusts or how an apple turns brown. Oxidation is the way everything is destroyed. When people talk about infection or toxins or poor diet-ultimately these things are bad for you because they accelerate the oxidation of YOU.

Astaxanthin is well studied, and is ready to help you.


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