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Spirituality is the feeling of connecting to something greater than ourselves. This connection, in turn, offers a calming effect on our nervous system providing the opportunity to relax and reduce stress and anxiety. The ability to connect with something greater and provoke a relaxed state of mind is much more natural for youthful people. If we think about it, at a young age, kids have trouble grasping the idea of stress and what it means. To obtain a young brain, we must practice ways that help reduce mental pressure and allow us to break free from the chaos of activity in your head. To develop this skill set, there are brain support supplements you can take along with practicing techniques such as meditation, yoga, and breathing.

When our brain is agitated, we create an incredible cortisol response, which produces many adverse cardiometabolic and skeletal metabolic effects, adrenal fatigue, impaired cognitive performance, suppressed thyroid function, hyperglycemia, decreased bone density and muscle tissue, high blood pressure, lowered immunity and inflammatory responses, and increased abdominal fat.